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Yoga in English

Yoga in English for everyone - beginners as well as intermediate or advanced. Join us and meet new friends, enjoy a calm and peaceful hour in the heart of Prague, and let yoga's healing power and energy affect your body. You deserve it!  


Why join yoga?

  • Experience yoga's health benefits
  • Continue a practice you love
  • Or, maybe you don’t know if you love yoga yet, but you want to try something new
  • Meet new friends in a foreign country
  • Practice your English 

Why yoga at Centrum Tance?

  • Founded in 1997, we have more than 20 years of tradition and experience
  • Professional, well trained and certified instructors that are most importantly kind, patient, friendly and always have a big smile on
  • Large but homey studios
  • Studio in the heart of Prague, easily accessible by public transport
  • Quality services and quality approach

Join us! Come relax and meet new friends. Let your instructor take you (virtually at least) far away into the flavoured and fragrant India or another peaceful and deserted place of the Far East. Experience the joy of movement and the healing power of yoga. Your enthusiasm and satisfaction will be our reward.

About Michal, the lecturer

Renowned yoga master teacher, who studied yoga pedagogy (above others) in India at Gordhandas Seksariya College of Yoga and Cultural Synthesis, Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla, India and holds the  „P.G.D.Y.Ed.“ title (Postgraduate Diploma in Yoga Education). He teaches yoga lecturers the yoga didactics at the Charles University, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. Next to yoga, he studied dance the Dance conservatory, as well as physiotherapy and other fields of science of human. When practicing yoga, there aren´t any better hands to be in than his.


About Jessica, the lecturer

"My love for yoga comes from humble beginnings back in Canada in 2015.  It started when a friend of mine, who was going through her Yoga Teacher Training, asked me if I would be her student. Having never done it before but keen to try something new, I quickly absorbed her excitement and saw the benefits of continual practice. Seeing the effects not only on the body but the mind and spirit as well, I delved deeper into my practice over the next few years. In March 2016 I moved to Prague where my practice has continued to flourish.

My passion for yoga reached a high point this year. In the fall of 2018, I took my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Praia da Rocha, Portugal. Learning traditional Ashtanga, the more contemporary vinyasa, as well as meditation and Ayurvedic teachings I have learnt to take and share a more holistic and therapeutic approach to yoga. I mirror both the body and breath together for a practice fit for the body, mind, and spirit. 

My classes are accessible for those at all levels. They will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed, all at the same time. See you on the mat!"

(Jessica is leaving for Canada, maybe you will meet with her in the future)

About Karolina, the lecturer

Born in Bali, Karolina started with dance as a little girl. After travelling and after her studies in United Stated she anchored in the Czech Republic. 

The world of oriental dance swept Karolina off her feet in 2000. The newfound obsession resulted in awards obtained as a solo dancer in several festivals. While being proud of the prizes and recognition, Karolina had found a deeper satisfaction that extended beyond of oriental dancing. The pull to go beyond the dance movements was irresistible. YOGA. Having attended many workshops and trainings to get her yoga education an official stamp, Karolina soon gained a large yoga audience, who daily benefits from yoga health’s effects.

Currently, a personal and group coach, an experienced instructor of Oriental Dance and Yoga with almost 20 years of experience, she teaches regular classes in Prague as well as workshops in various corners of the world and regularly becomes a member of jury of national and international dance championships.




  • To secure your spot, we recommend signing up in advance 
  • Register on our webpage by following the links, Přihlásit and Registrace nového klienta (New client registration) and enter your name, email, and phone number
  • Please do not forget to enter your phone number, in case anything happens, we need to let you know immediately
  • You can sign up on the spot, but risk the lesson being full
  • If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Our website is not exactly English-friendly, but our staff certainly is. We are ready to help!


  • It's necessary to pay in advance
  • You’ll obtain payment instructions by email after signing up for the lesson
  • You can pay online through a payment gateway or by bank transfer
  • If you risk signing up on the spot without previous registration and payment, you can pay in cash or by credit card
  • We accept multisport cards

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