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    Serkan Tutar, je původem z Turecka, ale žije a působí v Belgii. Serkan patří mezi mezinárodně uznávané mužské tanečníky orientálního tance. V roce 2008 vyhrál cenu „Male Bellydancer of the World“. Orientálnímu tanci, nejen tureckému stylu, se věnuje od dětských let.

    Serkan is an oriental dancer and teacher, specializing in Turkish style. Serkan is of Turkish origin, based in Brussels, Belgium. He is the winner of „Male bellydancer of the World 2008“. He has dedicated himself to this dance since childhood.

    International award winning bellydancer & teacher.

    “Male Bellydancer of the world 2008” and winnar of “Brandon Oasis 2006”

    Organizer of Rakkas Istanbul International Oriental Dance Festival.

     A 10 year old Turkish boy arrives in Arabic countries. Living there for 3 yars, he gets charmed by the oriental dances of the Arabic women on festivities such as weddings. The sound of their music touched his soul and opened his door to dance. Back in Turkey, he goes deeply into the Egyptian and Turkish style bellydance. The working out process on especially body sensation, muscle control and ligthness gets its reward when Serkan performs for the first time at the age of 17.

    Not only in Turkey but also in Germany his numerous performances are a great success and soon he decides to share his experience by teaching the dance that has swept away his hart. After developing himself and educating others in Turkey (Istanbul, Izmir, Kusadasi) and Germany he enters the millennium in Belgium.

    He has performed and instructed workshops all over Belgium, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, Germany, France, Egypt, England, Austria, Turkey, Italy, Greece , Holland , Czech Republic, Croatia, Sweden, Switzerland, Bosnia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Russia, USA, Alaska, ....And more.

    He teaches Turkish style bellydance, Modern Egyptian style, Baladi, Saidi, Shaabi, Turkish Gypsy style, Veil dance (double and single) , His signature “Crazy drum solo’s”, and many more dance styles,...

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